Late again! :O But it’s over. Morth arc: DUN. These last few have been an uphill struggle. Art block setting in, hence lateness (well, that and my girlfriend ‘keeping me up all night’ if you know what I mean… I mean talking on Skype and watching shows and movies, which often runs late into the night because she’s in a timezone 7 hours behind, what else would I mean?).

Anywhom, I need a little break, try to shake this block. Got a guest comic lined up for next week (guaranteed on-time update, hoolay), and I dunno, we’ll figure something out the week after. I’ve also got some more ‘Making of’ stuff I need to gather together and post, if you are inclined to enjoy such material.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our overindulgence in continuity here. For the record, this storyline ran from 12 Nov 2006 to 17 Feb 2008. Holy shit, can you even remember what happened at the start? Rest assured we’ll be doing some one-shots and some short arcs for while.