Whoops, I was enjoying my week off so much I nearly forgot to upload the guest comic.

[22/02/2008 21:47:46] Eastwood says: How’s life treating you?
[22/02/2008 21:48:53] Virus says: Watching Spaced with my lovely girlfriend, so pretty bloody good.
[22/02/2008 21:49:28] Eastwood says: Sounds it, you firey bastard.

Yes indeedy. Anyway, this week I leave you in the more than capable hands of Hal, Jeff, and Pix, the usual suspects from the Forum. We’d pulled up an old guest comic Pixellated had sent some time ago, but he asked us not to use it and instead produced the above. Good work gents.

Here, check out Pix’s rather excellent portfolio website.