Ok, so Batman Arkham Asylum, is frankly, the best game I’ve played this year. I can;t think of any other game that had me playing for three and a half hours straight on the day I got it without me realising that much time had passed. I also played it for 3 hours so far today and decided to take a break for a few minutes and type this up. God I dunno where to start.

Arkham itself is a brilliant setting for this game, you’ve got murderers, some screaming lunatics, and honest to god supervillains. During the opening where you walk Joker in to the asylum, I shat myself because a lift came up and there was just this mass of scales and muscle hunched over…then it stands up and it’s Killer Croc, who’s twice the height of you, and almost that broad…I have to fight him later…eep.

The combat gets a little getting used to but once you get it into your skull it’s not about hammering the x button, it’s about getting the flow right, keeping a good rhythm, it feels fantastic to take on ten guys as Batman.

Favourite villain encounter so far has to be the Scarecrow sections. Two words, Eternal Darkness. Honestly even if you HATE Batman you should buy this.