Well, being away for 3 days was a semi-legitimate excuse… I’ll also add to it: a general hard time at getting the comic done lately; it being a tricky-to-pull-off, action-packed, special effects-driven extravaganza; and I’m leaving the godsdamn continent in less than a month, argh.

S’up now, though.

So next comic will more-or-less wrap up this story. There’s some epilogue and overlap to follow, but #299 is a good a place as any to pause. And pause we shall, because of the aforementioned emigration. So after next week’s comic, EN will go on a short hiatus until I get settled in Canada, and get my act together in terms of timely updates. Maybe we’ll get something done for #300, and then #301 will hopefully mark a return to punctuality. When? October 10th I arrive in Canada, so gimme a week or two after that. Subscribe to the RSS feed, and we’ll blog and let you know. (I’ve never subscribed to a feed in my life, but I gather that’s how it works.)

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