And we’re back. Current storyline begins here.

I get a slow but steady trickle of new Twitter followers, always nice to keep an eye on them as they come in. Last week one new name showed up that rang a bell, so I clicked through to his profile. Dr Dean Burnett is a neuroscientist and lecturer at Cardiff University, blogger for The, and semi-regular correspondent on The Pod Delusion podcast – that’s where I knew his name and indeed voice from. So I asked him what gives?

“Hey. I know you. You’re that Welsh bloke on that podcast wot I listen to. What manner of circumstance led to you following ME?”

And he replied:

“uh, you draw my favourite webcomic wot I’ve been reading for years. How random is this link! Might buy a lottery ticket now”

So that was weird. He gives me and the comic a shoutout in the latest Pod Delusion.

So there you go. Exterminatus Now: recommended by 100% of Welsh neuroscientist Guardian bloggers. Thanks Dean!