Oh latey late late. Blah.

We must have some experienced wiki editing types in the audience, right? I know we have a bunch of Tropers out there, for instance. Well, after a few Q&As on EN lore in the comment threads, regular commenter Polymer started a rudimentary wiki. But he doesn’t much know what he’s doing, so go help him out and fill out those pages.

In that vein, here’s a citable bit about bionics that I had noted down earlier in this story, but then forgot to post when the moment came. An editor’s job is to make my crap encyclopedic, instead of the jokey conversation tone I always take.

So, last issue, Lothar drained his already-depleted energy reserves by using his blaster to bust through the door:

In my arm-cannon head canon, Lothar’s old blaster used removable energy cells. The downsides to that were that when they were depleted, that was it, so he’d have to carry replacements or do without. They were also heavier. In his new rig, the power cells charge off his metabolic energy, making them lighter and allowing him to rebuild a charge over time. But at the cost of increasing his daily caloric intake needs. The updated, more efficient technology of his limbs perhaps has a lower energy consumption to offset that slightly. But still, if you want to shoot blue-hot bolts of charged particles out of your hand, you better make sure you’ve had your Weetabix that morning.