Slightly less late! That’s kind of like early! And that brings this shaggy dog story to a close. It was fun to play with expectations. Even if some of you did gain an expectation of the Soylent Green allusion in advance.

I’m going to be taking some time off from the comic now; feeling a little burned, and the schedule is suffering for it. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but, on top of my day job, I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this comic and nearly doing this comic. I wish I could say the strip is late because I’m doing cool things like playing vijogames. But anyone looking at my Steam or Xbox Live profiles would be able to tell you that’s not the case. No, it’s mostly making cups of tea and checking Twitter over and over. And spending far too long composing and tweaking simple posts like this, because I’m not very good at writing off-the-cuff, yet I want to give a false impression of wit and eloquence all the time ha ha please like me.

There should still be content updates occurring, in one form or another. We’re enquiring around for guest artists, maybe Silv will produce something, or I might doodle other assorted nonsenses. And I will be back at the helm before you know it, refreshed and ready to do whatever it is one does at a helm. Drive a spaceship? Protect one’s head from injury? Either way, I’ll be helming it up, big-time.