Ya know, it only occured to me last week, looking back at the Gone Cruisin’ sketch; I don’t think I’d actually seen Steamboat Willie all the way through before. A startling omission. So had a look, it seems to consist mainly of Mickey Mouse joyfully abusing animals for no reason. What an asshole.

Cruise was great, by the way. Already planning the next one. We’re wondering if we can afford to do a transatlantic and visit the family.

Sorry about the lack of updates! I have been a lazy Monkey. But I have been an enthusiastic Bat. Last week I picked up Arkham City on Steam for $7.50 and in a matter of days, completed my third playthrough (after a regular game and new game + on 360). Now I never replay games, much less on hard mode. That is testament to how much I love the Arkham games. They are basically perfect.

Despite that, I hadn’t been following Arkham Origins very closely. The new studio, new VAs and it being a prequel had perhaps made me wary, so I was waiting and seeing. But donning the cowl again put me in the mood to go look into it and I was quite surprised to find it was coming out the next day. Preordered on the spot.

So comic’s up, now if anybody needs me, I’ll be brooding on a Gotham rooftop. *swoops dramatically into the night*