Oh, is that the time already? Sorry about that. Last week I played a bunch of Batman, and then worked Saturday. I figured I would get a good chunk of comic done on Sunday, and perhaps do a Monday or Tuesday update. After all, it’s not a complicated comic, in theory (sometimes the straight, chatty ones are trickiest to get going on, however). But then I spent Sunday in kind of a shitty funk, and all drawing ability left me. So I blew most it watching Walking Dead and reading Locke & Key (which I got into on my trip last month, and is really cool). Then all of a sudden it’s the weekend again. S’ done though. The next one should go smoother, I hope.

Seems like mileage may vary on Arkham Origins. I loved it. But I never get tired of making the motherfucking Batman lurk in the rafters and beat up goons, hired goons. And yes, the story probably falls apart if you think about it too long, but it’s a hell of a ride while you’re in it. And just like with City, I’m apparently the only person I know who’s played it, so I have nobody to share my HOLY SHIT WASN’T IT COOL WHEN- AND WHAT ABOUT THE BIT WHERE- enthusiasm for the spectacle. Boo-urns.

It definitely could’ve used a few more weeks in QA, and apparently there were some nasty progress-halting bugs that some players encountered that I was lucky enough to avoid. It lacked the polish and detail that the previous games oozed, which was a little disappointing, and makes me less keen to go back and finish up the sidequests and collectables. But it does make me excited for whatever Rocksteady have been working on while this happened.

Oh! I am also exhibiting at Lethbridge Expo in a couple of weeks. It’s an inaugural new convention, and I’m friends with the organisers. If you’re anywhere near southern Alberta, give them some first year support and buy your tickets. Nov 23/24.