Damien is not a nice person.

One comic every two weeks, huh? This is kind of bullshit. I will work on improving that. I have been getting used to a new job, new hardware, and new software. That slowed things down somewhat this week.

The job is a more consistent schedule, so should be more conducive to comic time? But I also have to get up early, and I usually do my best work at stupid o’clock at night. We’ll see.

The hardware is the Surface Pro 2. It is ever so shiny. Merry Annual Gift Day to me.

And since my regular softwares (Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop) had some issues on the Surface, I downloaded the demo for Manga Studio. Works great on the Surface (with ingenious touch and stylus controls built in), and I was all ready to purchase it. But returning to the page, I could only find “Buy Physical” buttons. Buy physical? You mean, like, on a disc? What kind of filthy savage buys software on a disc? Then I found this paragraph:

“The creator of Manga Studio, Celsys, has discontinued the digital download version of Manga Studio 5 and Manga Studio 5 EX, and are only making the physical shipment versions available. In compliance with this, Smith Micro is no longer selling the digital download versions of these programs.”

Whaaat. Is Celsys some kind of Benjamin Button company that develops in reverse? Why would you discontinue the useful version in favour of the won’t-insert-into-my-discless-new-device version? Madness. Or so I thought. Turns out, they just like money. And they are cutting the distribution deal they had with Smith Micro so that Celsys can distribute their own English version of the program. Bit of a dick move. But by all accounts Clip Studio Paint is identical to Manga Studio, but with more frequent and timely updates. So works out for me.