So at the beginning of this story, I mentioned that it was a long time in the making. This script is the first one to have originated from the first draft. In about 2004. Yes, you are right to gasp, sir.

Hey kids! If this punchline was written before you were born, get in touch and make everyone feel really old! And then stop reading our monstrous comic, you’re a child.

It’s going to be pretty East- and Virus-centric. Partly that’s because the first snippets of dialogue that turned into Tangled Web were written before Rogue and Lothar joined the cast. I was bouncing dialogue around between the two Inquisitors in order to get a feel for their relationship.

Much has changed, many revisions have happened, but it feels good to be putting this out, at last. It will benefit from the improvements in art and layout. Like George Lucas and the prequels, I guess the technology simply didn’t exist to bring the story to life ten years ago. Wait, that’s a terrible endorsement, forget that.