Deleted scenes: Cut for space. Shame to lose C-Team banter, but we need to move the plot along.

Wildfire: What’s Exterminatus anyway, Nadia? I’ve heard you mention it before.
Nadia: An orbital strike of incredible power, for dealing with the most dangerous of situations.
Wildfire: Really? That must be some strike. How big a bang are we talking about?
Seb: You remember what you and Leyana did to the Oil Refinery last month? A bit like that.
Leyana & Wildfire: THAT WASN’T OUR FAULT!
Rogue: Oh hell, there are two of them. It’s only a matter of time before this place gets totalled too.
Vi: You mean that wasn’t a one-off thing before, with the facility in Ossiningo?
Rogue: Why do you think she was given the alias “Wildfire”?
Lothar: Because she’s hot and quick to spread?
East: Hey-oh. [high five]

In unrelated news, Ghostbusters: The Board Game Kickstarter has 48 hours til it wraps. A combination of the awesome Ghostbusters IDW comics and recently binging Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop put me in a susceptible enough place to where it just became my first backed project. Pricey, but… Dem minis, yo.