Comic updates have been very sparse, I know. You may have sensed that EN’s not topping the list of my priorities these days. I apologise. After Calgary Expo (Apr 16-19), things will pick up. I’ve felt very under-prepared for the last few conventions I’ve exhibited, and wanted to make a bigger push for this one, especially since I’m rebranding.

I may as well make it known: I made the decision some time ago to cease updates. When this story wraps up, there might be two or three housekeeping strips to close things up, but then it’s “indefinite hiatus”. It’s become too much of a chore, and I want to have the time to do other things and work on other projects. I think twelve years is a pretty good run, and I thank all of you for your support.

I will still be creating, and attending cons, but under the banner of Perfectly Chaotic, which I’ll be sharing with my wife’s knit and craft projects. I’d be grateful if, when Exterminatus Now is all said and done, you’d continue to follow my updates:

Virus on DeviantArt
Perfectly Chaotic on Facebook

And we’ll be at Calgary Expo in a couple of weeks, sharing booth 513 with my friend Ashley: