Cower brief mortals, for I have comnadeered the update page for my own neferious purposes! Bwah! And ha! And ha again!

Yeah. Too much Monkey Island. Too much Murray. Huzzah for Murray.

Yes, despite the fact I never do this, I’m trying to cut it brief as I’m tired and sweaty. So I’ve been dabbling in various things, picked up some DVDs and some kick-arse new games (Monkey Island 3 and 4 and Spid-erman 2*, respectively) so I’ve been occupied. Also been playing some funky point/click games by the masterful Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw, 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic can be found on his site, Fully Ramblomatic. Whilst yout there, check out the Cowboy Comics, Angular Mike and the amazingly funny Yahtzee Takes On The World. A very clever, very funny man.

But does that end the horrendous plugging? Nein!

Rapid Hearts, a Sonic/Mina fansite set up by the ever-wonderful HarumikoChan has gone online. Despite having donated money, I’m still having to link it. So, if by any chance you’re someone who actually reads Archie Sonic (And for that you have my deepest sympathies) and are a SonMina fan-girl/fan-boy/fan-eldergod, go take a look. Though, please, if you have any comments about Archie, SonMina or anything of that sort… Please. Don’t post it on our forums. There’s only a tiny chance we really care, as none of us read Archie and at least two of us hate it with a passion (Despite the fact I have a stack of them around somewhere), so go tell the carbon-based bipeds over at Rapid Hearts what you think. or even what you don’t. I dunno, I’m just plugging this for a close friend.
In other, minor news, I’ve pre-ordered Halo 2 Special Edition. Have you?

That just about wraps it up then. I’ll be seeing you buggers around.

~ Harold Q. Eastwood, rolling through the gates of Hell.

*That’s just to annoy Lothar, and other Spidey fanboys. :p