Another week passes by, and yet more wonderous things have happened in the wonderous world of… of… Erm… Yeah. Namely the fact the comic is up, I’m updating, and I got into the Dawn of War Beta. And y’know what? It fecking rocks.

But why? Simple. It’s a decent RTS, for one, and for another… it’s based on 40k. Ergo, it is the win. Especially with orkish hordes (Who are blessed with the greatest voice acting ever), but Chaos is fun too (Like summoning Bloodthirsters) and Marines are okaaay (Just they lack anything fun except Drop-Podding five Dreadnoughts into an enemy base, which does get old) and Eldar are just too bloody good. So Relic have successfully reproduced 40k in digital format, then.

Release is sometime this Winter… I’ve got my copy pre-ordered.

~ Eastwood, ‘ez got da fightin’ jooce.