Don’t bug us to put you in a comic, all right? Oh and apologies to RedFox, love ya buddy.

Three new pieces of fan art this week. The first piece is of the entire Exterminatus Now crew by Sachika, click here to see it.. As Bob Todd of the Gamestyle forums would say. “IT AM WOO!”

The second piece is from “amaroqkapuzing”. Who I think was on drugs when she came up with that name. It is off Virus and Blasphemy and can be seen here. It also “AM WOO”.

The third piece is by Tails_Trulli. It is of Lothar, you can see it here. It is also “WOO”.

Also, while I’m here I’m gonna pimp my mate (also from Gamestyle) Sprite Machine’s comic Start Wreck. A Star Trek parody comic which is funny.

Ok I have a little announcement to anyone who jump’s on the Anti-Microsoft bandwagon, which started up again after Bill Gates said if he had the opportunity he would consider buying Nintendo. The rest of you can ignore this next part. Also take note that I own a GameCube a GameBoy Advance SP and an Xbox.

I am fucking SICK of EVERYONE getting on the “Bash Microsoft” bandwagon. You act as like other companies are somehow different. NEWSFLASH EVERY COMPANY IS EXACTLY LIKE MICROSOFT, INCLUDING NINTENDO. THEY ALL WANT TO MAKE MONEY.

And don’t give me that “Nintendo care about their fans, Microsoft don’t” bullshit. Microsoft and Nintendo see their fans as a means to make money. They do it by treating em decently. If a company treat’s you like crap you are not gonna buy from it. And guess what, Nintendo treat Europe like crap.

They don’t release some games over here that people want, or delay them for fucking ages. Example, Animal Crossing is coming to Europe sometime near the end of 2004. It’s been out in America and Japan, what two years? Or Mario Golf, that’s only been out here in the UK for about a month while it’s been out in the America for over a year and is now on the Player’s Choice range there.

Because of crap like this hardly anyone in Europe buys Nintendo’s stuff, they are losing money because they are treating their fans like crap. They are also lagging behind in the USA because the PS2 and and Xbox are more popular and are selling better than the GameCube.

It’s just that Microsoft is far better at doing business than other companies. Also note, Gates just said “If the opportunity arose”. And if they could buy Nintendo, who wouldn’t? If you had the opportunity to buy I bet you would too.

And let’s face it Microsoft could buy Nintendo in a second. They’d just walk up to them with one of those HUGE novelty cheques. Ask Nintendo to think of the biggest number they can, add 3 more zero’s to the end, and then they would write it down. You’d all bitch and moan about it at first, but then you’d go and buy an Xbox 2 or whatever to play your precious Mario and Zelda.

Also I would like to point out that it is because of Microsoft and “the evil Bill Gates” that a lot of you can actually access the Internet and use computers. Bill Gates is a businessman and a very good one at that, you cannot say he isn’t. Also you’re not being clever by jumping on the “I HATE BILL GATES, MICROSOFT IS EVIL” bandwagon. THIS is what you are acting like:

Maybe I should start talking to you all in your native language?

“Baa baa baa bababa baba baaa baaa baa baa.”

And as East says if Bill Gates is so evil? Why does he give shit-loads of money to charity?