Looks like it’s me again…

Legion89 (10:21:16 PM): Anyway, looking forward to the next EN.
Eastwood1427 (10:22:17 PM): Oh yeah, that’s tommorow isn’t it?
Legion89 (10:22:23 PM): Ya.
Legion89 (10:22:27 PM): I mean, ja.
Eastwood1427 (10:22:31 PM): …Bum clouds.

So yeah. Another week full of fun and merrymaking. Well. I had a haircut, finished three books (Indlucing the sublime Double Eagle by the god-like Dan Abnett), and get paid lovely cash-money tommorow (Which is Friday. As I type this, it’s 10:27 Thursday evening). That’s about it. And since I’m a lazy deadbeat, my results for my AS exams will be coming through the post. So I should get the sometime next March.

Right, bugger off. I’m going to bed.