And thus ends the shortest EN adventure ever. You know panel two looks EXACTLY like how I imagined it? That Virus is a genius I tell you, genius.

Does anyone want a second Exterminatus Now comic this week? Because if you do all you have to do is head to and download their free magazine, “Gamestyle Offline” issue eight. Inside you will find reviews (different from those on the site) news previews a brand new retro section, along with a special instalment of Exterminatus Now created specially for the magazine.

What shall I be doing while you’re downloading it you ask? I’ll be playing Sonic Advance 3, which I picked up today, while waiting for Rainbow Six: Black Arrow to be delivered so I can play on it Xbox Live. Speaking of Sonic Advance 3, it sets a new standard for stupid boss ideas. A giant hammer that swings from side to side? A giant wheel? ROBOT FEET? Ok the “swinging ball and chain” boss from Sonic 1 was dumb, but at least it doesn’t look like something created by a crack addict.

Mind you, considering the game is Japanese (Ok so was Sonic 1 but that’s beside the point) I should not expect less. Ah Japan, where they have 3 taps on their kitchen sinks, “hot”, “cold” and “warm crack.” Again, not that I would expect anything else from the country where you can buy panties from vending machines (bet you most of their customers are male). The age of consent (that’s the age you can start fucking from, kiddies) is thirteen and GANG RAPE was only made illegal within the last year or so.

Well that’s enough random blather from me this week, laters.