Yes, you could say this has been a somewhat dull week. However, two things have come up, the first which may matter to you. The second counts if you have taste in games.

Rather simple, really.

I have G-Mail invites. You people have artistic talent. Ergo, you draw me pics of Eastwood and the best get a
I have G-Mail invite to use as they so desire. Simple, yes?

Now, I’ve gotta lay down some ground rules here first.

*I guess the primary is no sprites. Pixel art is cool, sprites aren’t.
*Nothing XXX rated. Drawing Eastwood engaing in acts of a sexual nature with the Seducer “girls”, that Dalmation cop or furry femmes will result in me yelling at you. However…
*Not as much if you draw Eastwood yaoi. The last thing I want to see is Eastwood and Lothar engaging in anal buttlove.
*It’s an Eastwood art competition. Yes, throw in other characters, but the point is to make Eastwood the focus of the picture.
*How you choose to respresent Hal is up to you. Human, furry, Chao, machine, Japanese Anime Ladyboy… Up to you. I welcome it all.

The closing date? 30th of September. A whole month. Send yer pics in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. You send me bitmaps and I’ll yell at you.

Address all entries as “Competition Time” and send them down to…

eastwood1427 AT gmail DOT com

I think your clever enough boys and girls to work out what the address is.

I have got another video game obsession. This one, however, eclipses Dawn of War completely in that I cancelled my pre-order to focus my money on purchasing it.

That’s right. Evil Genius.

For those too lazy to click the link, in Evil genius you play the role of one of three supervillains (Maximillian, Shen-Yu and Alexis) and are given the task of recruiting an army of minions (Like workers, guards, scientists) and henchmen (Such as The Matron or Eli Barracuda), constructing a vast base (Complete with Tesla Coils, Spinning Saw Blades and Exploding Coconut Trees), capturing super Agents (Such as John Steele and Dirk Masters), eliminating government operatives (Such as agents of ANVIL, PATRIOT or SABRE) and eventually constructing a vast superweapons and threatening global security.

So you play the role of a typical 60′s spy movie villain then.

The demo is a true bundle of fun, though the island and the available space to build is tiny and much of the items and features in the full version are unavailable. Comes out in around 4 weeks, so it’ll be a blast.