To answer any question’s following this comic.

1) Yes this is the same Commander Schaefer with the chicken fetish mentioned in this comic.
2) Yes the Chao’s name is now BLASPHEMY. You can stop calling it Humphrey now, at least you better.

Now for MORE fanart. Fucking hell we’ve got a shitload now. The first piece is by Calli, titled “Exterminatus Now Sleep Time”, with the most feminine looking Eastwood ever (he said it, not me). The second piece is from Dragga, Lothar drawn in MS paint, quite well. The third piece is some sketch art of Lothar by Beverly Hutchings. Enjoy.

On Wednesday, I bought Super Mario Advance 4 (aka Super Mario Bros 3), it’s the first proper Mario game I’ve ever bought apart from Super Mario Sunshine. Which was absolutely shit and boring, I think I got 30% completion and stopped playing. Whereas Advance 4 is fun and enjoyable.

Anyway, anybody ever noticed that Mario is a massive drug user? Seriously. Look at all the thing’s he collect’s in this game. Brown leaves, red plants, Mushrooms, and so on. Let’s see what we have in Super Mario Advance 4:

Mushrooms: The more obvious one. Mario consumes this and becomes taller. Gets “high” as it were. These are “Magic Mushrooms” both in the world of Mario and in the literal sense.

Leaves: You know those brown leaves mario gets and turns into Racoon Mario? Majiuana. He runs and jumps so he can fly. Aka gets a rush and gets high. I’m so witty.

Red Plants: Psychotropic plants that make Mario think he can shoot fireballs from his fingertips. This may also show that Mario has some pyromaniac tedencies. Just imagine him saying “BURN THE INFIDELS” when playing and you’ll see what I mean.

Frog Suit: It’s not a frog. It’s one of those toad’s you lick and start hallucinating. Simple, no?

The Racoon Suit: OK…now because of all these drug’s I believe Mario has developed a furry fetish. You know that small branch of furries who dress up as bears and have sex? That also weird me out something fierce? Yes those. Ok and before I get any angry emails from the “furry” community, take note I said “small branch” of your community. Also if they want to dress up as animals and fuck, fine they can if they want. Just like I can think it’s weird if I want, OK? Good.

And think about it, if he is on all these drugs. Maybe the Mushroom Kingdom does not exist. Its just some massive drug induced hallucination. And all those animals and crap Mario kills in the game. They are people. So basically because of all these drugs mario is the biggest serial killer of all time. He’s still in Brooklyn and is currently being hunted down by the police who keep missing him cos he keeps jumping on their heads and snapping their necks.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.