We’ll post this again for those who missed it. Raye and Lothar want to thank all those who’ve donated so far.

Hello guys, Lothar here.

So as you may not know, my wife Raye moved from America two years ago to live with me. She’s now coming to the end of her fiancée visa which means we now have to apply for her Indefinite Leave to Remain, which basically means she can stay in the country as long as she wants. This also means she can leave the country to visit America without running the risk of not being let back in.

The problem? The application costs damn near £1000. Which is a bit of a financial burden. Long story short? We’d greatly appreciate it if you have any spare cash you don’t have a particular use for, if you would be so kind to donate it to use to help us pay for this. Whatever you can spare will be fine. And don’t feel bad if you can’t, we only ask it if you can. Any help would be fantastic and you have our eternal thanks.

Please send PayPal donations to realityabyss@hotmail.com. Or click the button.

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Thank you.