Calgary Expo!

So yeah, this and other prints available at the con. In completely unrelated news, I am taking art requests!

Here are the ground rules:

  • - EN characters and situations are good, but let’s also go beyond that: request other characters, from games, cartoons, pop culture (no OCs, please). I want to get out of my rut.
  • - No guarantees I’ll draw your thing. It’s not first come first serve, I’m just gonna pick things that strike me as interesting. Full disclosure, obviously, I’m just crowdsourcing random crap for me to draw outside of the comic, because I’m an unimaginative hack.
  • - If I draw your request and it turns out cool, it may get sold as a print. By submitting a request, you agree to waive any rights. You can’t be like “Hey, it was my idea to draw those characters doing that thing, I want a cut of the print sales.” I’ll totally mail you a print though.

Leave a comment below, or email me at


Oh yeah, comics or something. I’ll get back to those soon, too.

Linkback: bats in the Gollum pic provided by Sagakure.