Hello, new visitors from the Guardian! Welcome to our comic, where we are currently featuring a bunch of rarely occurring side characters instead of our main cast. Whoops. Next week starts a new storyline! But for now, here’s some context.

Some prior storylines you might like to peruse:

“Graveyard Shift” – Get a crash-course in Mortish theology, as the guys encounter angels of the Death God in a cemetary late one night. A group of occultists have disturbed the peace of the dead, and the gang must descend into the catacombs to investigate.

“Shades of Black and White” – A plot to assassinate Inquisitor Lord Schaefer leads the crew on a race against time to rescue covert agent ‘Elusive Camel’ from ritual sacrifice at the hands of a powerful cult leader – an old face from Eastwood’s past. A face with distinctive striped markings.

“Big Trouble in Little Taika” – When Rogue’s beam sword (signature weapon of the Daemon Hunters) becomes depleted, the crew must travel to his home village to have it restored. There they find a culture in flux, and the rustic community’s changing relationship with technology makes it a target for a fanatic of the Dark Machine God.

“The Cesspool” – A routine interrogation gets weird, as the accused turns out to be a close ally from Lothar’s chequered past. The inquisitors are let into the secret underbelly of organised mercenary rings. Then Rogue and Lothar kick the shit out out each other.

“The Bookend of Unimaginable Power” – Eastwood’s new objet d’art starts more than conversation when our heroes’ home is invaded by elite assassins. A dangerous chessmaster wants the artefact for the dark power it contains. Eastwood wants it for holding up his books.

As for today’s comic:
Inquisitors Jonson and Blackwing head up the handsome and successful “B-Team” seen in the final panel. Other sightings:
“On the Other Side”/“Not a Bad Day’s Work”
“Technical Difficulties”/“Alas Poor Romantic Subplot”
And most recently “Lights, Camaraderie, Action”

This is the first speaking appearance for Inquisitor Deket and the “C-Team”. But they caused some havoc in “Meanwhile, In Heavensedge”. Their new recruit is Wildfire, whom we previously met in the twin arcs “Team Scramble” and “Voiding the Warranty” which start here.

(Paleontology pedantry: Yes, I know, dromeosaurids were feathered. But hey! Fantasy comic! Nobody ever accused us of zoological accuracy in our funny cartoon animals. So Seb remains a scaly Jurassic Park flavour of raptor (or deinonychus. I prefer deinonychus).)

Big big thanks to Dean for the article, and I hope some of you stick around and enjoy.